Frautschi Point

jack in the pulpit


duchmans britches

photos by Glenda Denniston

In 1990, Frautschi Point was given to the University by John and Jerry Frautschi in honor of their father, Walter A. Frautschi.  Formerly known as Second Point, the high ground has an excellent view of the Capitol, Picnic Point, and the western end of Lake Mendota.  This area is the focus of a University classroom project for an advanced course in restoration ecology.

For more information on Frautschi Point,
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The Jackson family, the previous owner, used Frautschi Point as a summer retreat.  To learn about some of the activities and buildings on the Point, see:

bald eaglesPair of Bald Eagles, Frautschi Point
photo by Glenda Denniston

Grennie's, a dog's grave stone on Frautschi Point, is surrounded by pink magic lilies.  To see a photo and read a poem about the grave, see:

To learn about the ongoing restoration of Frautschi Point, see:

Using money generously donated by the Frautschi family, improvements are being made to Frautschi Point.  To learn about the 2004 work, see:

Bald Eagles have recently been seen at Frautschi Point:

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