Presented by the Blair Beinhaker Friendship Foundation
Capitol Theater, Overture Center: 7 – 9 p.m.

Soulful bellowing? We got that. High notes? For sure. A fellow students’ rendition of “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”? We hope not, but we’re not making any promises.

Ten contestants will compete, but only one will walk away with twice as manyFacebook friends…

This will be a little different than the American Idol from TV. The MadHatters will be there to keep it classy and unlike the television show, all our judges giving feedback will be sober and Ryan Seacrest isn’t invited. Our contestants may not be famous singers quite yet—but it’s not like you’re Simon Cowell, so it works out. After the show you control the destiny of 10 other people when you text in your vote; enjoy the two-minute power trip.

The winner will open for a nationally recognized artist at the Blowout Concert! So, if you belong on the stage and not in the audience, audition to perform and bring down the house with your talent! Maybe your pickup broke down and your huntin’ dog died. Write a country song about it and sing at All-Campus Idol. The potential is limitless…

The top ten finalists have been chosen! Congratulations!

Michael Johns - American Idol Top 10 Contestant 2008 Season - Will be judging and performing at All-Campus Idol 2009!

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